Ale Always Love You

The perfect pairing! Heart City Beer and hand lettered notecard.

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*Card fits a A1 or 5×3.5″ envelope.



Self-Care Sunday: Write It Down

Just write it down. Sundays are all about unwinding, reflecting and preparing yourself for the week ahead, one step at a time, one task at a time. No surprises, no need to get overwhelmed, you’ve got this.

I designed these ‘Weekly Sheets’ as a way to focus on what really needs to get down and what can wait. Did you know that when we use our hands to complete a task, like make a to do list, we are more likely to remember that task if it was written down when the thought first came to us, even if we never look at that list again. Trying to remember our to-do’s alone can make us feel a little crazy and overwhelmed, but once its on paper you can see everything at a glance and you can start to prioritize.

Here’s how to use it:
Clipboard: I always use a clipboard so I can include any notes, forms or invoices in the back so I know where everything is.

Empowerment Word of the Week: Every week is different, different task loads, different emotional state. What do we need to remind ourselves of our potential?

Schedule: List out all your meetings, appointments, deadlines, invoicing, bill payments all in one place.

Social Media: Plan a theme for your social media every day. For example I always post a branding project sample every Thursday.

Small Biz TLC Tasks: Even if you only list one, give yourself a little of your OWN time, it is YOUR business after all. Freshen up your website, order those gold embossed business cards, buy some new pens, sign up for new accounting software. Trust me when you show yourself some love it gives you more confidence in your daily business practises.

Projects + Rollover Projects: List all your projects that need to get done this week. JUST THIS WEEK. Don’t stress about next weeks deadlines. If you get a new project request or it can be put off a little longer that add it to the project rollover list.

To-Do’s: For you, your family, your business, your HEALTH, keep everything on one page in one spot and tackle one thing at a time. Embrace the chaos, thats what makes life, LIFE.


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The Get Focused Business Bootcamp

I am beyond excited to launch this amazing collab workshop with Cat’s Cove Communications!
For more details and to register (quick, there’s only 25 spots) click here.

We’re officially giving you permission to work on your business.


The Get Focused Business Boot Camp

A one-day, intensive workshop where you’ll get clarity to help you move forward in your business.

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
The Stone Cellar Loft, Downtown Heritage Perth
$129+ HST/ person

This October, Cat’s Cove Communications and the Paaper Studio will co-host a one-day, intensive workshop where you’ll get clarity on your business.

You’ll get focused. You’ll craft a plan. You’ll feel inspired and rejuvenated as you set forth for the last quarter of the year with your business ideas actually coming to life.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

At the Get Focused Business Boot Camp Workshop, you will:  

  • Get clarity on your business’ foundation and create goals for your next year
  • Learn about how to better tell your story and message to your core audience
  • Find out how to better share your messaging with consistent branding
  • Create an action plan for your last quarter that brings your goals to reality.
  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are thirsty to get shit done.
  • Walk away from the workshop feeling focused, inspired and ready to work ON your business (don’t answer that email!)

This one-day workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, small-business owners, organization managers, and any business owner who needs a rejuvenation project that will actually bring results.

Your Registration Fee Includes:

  • Access to the full-day
  • A workbook that you’ll work on all day and take home
  • A catered lunch provided by The Stone Cellar
  • Coffee/Tea Breaks
  • One Delicious, end-of-the-day drink
  • A Boot Camp Swag Bag filled with goodies

Registration, schedule and more details available at








Are you now a parent and realize your (almost daily) headaches are likely just karma?

Or are you fully aware that you were the world’s most annoying kid? (Maybe still are?)

I think dad’s are pretty great and they’re sure to get a kick out of this cheeky bottle tag.
FYI: Bottle tags are the new note card.

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(Print, cut, fold, then place on the neck of your dad’s favourite bottle… it doesn’t actually have to be alcohol 😉

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Mom Life

Know someone who does a stellar job of rocking the mom life? Here’s a free hand lettered printable for you to give them! Directions below…

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DIY coffee cup sleeve

Start Valentine’s day off right by bringing your loved one coffee in a DIY sleeve!

Download this free printable and print, cut, glue and slide onto any paper cup. Preferably you want to print on a nice thick cardstock like kraft paper but a fun coloured printer paper works too!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love you a latte

The perfect card for your coffee addicted loved one!
I love sharing these print-ready designs with you and I especially love this hand lettered design a latte… Print and share the love.

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*Card fits a A1 or 5×3.5″ envelope.


Spring Signage

Now booking chalkboard + window commissions for spring 2017!
Great for promotions, menus, decor, window infographics or wedding signage. After some concept sketches (every project starts on paper of course) I will apply your design to your chalk wall, chalkboards or windows. I can also pick up removable boards and work on them off-site.  Check out some samples of chalkboard design here and get more details and available dates for on-site commissions in Perth and surrounding area. Book quick!

Chocolate trail cookies


I love autumn hikes, so naturally I took my favourite cookie recipe and loaded it with nuts and seeds and packed them up to enjoy in the great outdoors. Want the chewiest, easiest cookie recipe? Signup below to get your free recipe download.

Stress less with ‘More or Less’


I often let my to-do lists stress me out big time. Whenever this happens I sit down with some coffee and write down what I need more and less of; More laughing, less complaining, more courage, less negativity, more hugs and kisses, less over-thinking, more healthy eating, less sugar. You get the idea. The physical act of writing these down makes you remember better and follow through on what you need to feel and accomplish, not to mention put things into perspective. We can all think about it but until we write it out and see it on paper it’s harder to put into action.

I’ve made a pretty printable for you to try out this exercise.
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