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Is your brand prepared?

As someone who was unexpectedly hospitalized I realized my business was not prepared. (read here if you missed that story)

What happens when the unexpected happens?

Personal or family medical emergency, accident, natural disaster, something happens to your home/studio/shop… This applies to all business types; online or brick and mortar shop, restaurant, organization and service...

If you own ANY kind of business you need this free printable. Seriously.

Keep your staff, clients and customers in the loop, so you can focus on what’s important in the moment. Imagine how much easier it would be to focus on healing from an unexpected surgery or traumatic event without worrying about emails from customers or clients wondering where on earth you all of a sudden disappeared to.

This is a .pdf checklist, guide and reference sheet that helps you gather all the info you would need if someone needed to take over or help you out unexpectedly.

We prepare for power outages and storms, why not our brands?



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